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Staff Directory

  Kai Freeman   Principal   815-577-4911
  Debbie Carpenter   Asst. Principal   815-577-4910
  Bridget Adkins   Asst. Principal/Special Ed.   815-577-4913
  Linda Fergus   Dean of Students   815-577-8860
  Nicki Eriksen   Secretary to the Principal/Bookkeeping   815-577-4917
  Tammy Griffin   Secretary to the Asst. Principal/Special Ed/Registration   815-577-4918
  Lorie Enright   Office Clerk   815-577-4916
  Linda Sykora   Aramark Lunchroom Supervisor    
  Jen Lennington   Building Nurse   815-577-4997
  Amy LeFevers   School Nurse   815-577-4216
  Carolyn Licata  

Media Specialist

  Deborah LaGioia   Media Clerk   815-577-4900
  Susan Dziuda   ASDA Supervisor   815-577-3248
  Core Classes       EXT
  Erin Ambre   7th grade SS   815-577-4959
  Jennifer Belcher   8th grade ELA   815-577-4951
  Regina Cameron   7th grade Science   815-577-4953
  Leigh Castle   6th, 7th & 8th grade Social Studies/ELL   815-577-4933
  Shannon Frees   8th grade Science   815-577-9267
  Melissa Graves   7th grade Math/7th grade Social Studies   815-577-4950
  Laura Hefka   8th grade ELA/8th grade ELA Accel   815-577-4954
  Katie Holloway   6th grade Science/6th grade Social Studies   815-577-4981
  Megan Jaicomo   8th grade Social Studies   815-577-4955
  Heather Joy   6th grade Math & Math Accel/7th grade Math   815-577-4976
  Eric Kelly   8th grade Social Studies   815-577-4938
  Lindsey Lipton   6th, 7th & 8th grade Math/ELL   815-577-3544
  Jenna Loats   6th grade Math/Computers   815-577-4977
  Sue Phillips   6th grade Social Studies/8th grade Math   815-577-4940
  Pamela Harris-Porn   6th grade Social Studies/8th grade Social Studies   815-577-4985
  Patty Potocki   7th grade Math & Accel Math   815-577-4956
  Katelynn Rainford   7th grade ELA & Accel ELA   815-577-3567
  Janine Raspolich   6th grade ELA & Accel ELA/7th grade ELA   815-577-4920
  Ali Schwieger   7th grade ELA/7th grade Social Studies   815-577-7335
  Amber Simonic   8th grade Science   815-577-4937
  Matt Steadman   6th grade Science   815-577-9734
  Jeanice Stephens   6th grade ELA & Social Studies   815-577-4990
  Rebecca Vant   7th grade Science/Computers   815-577-3370
  Jennifer Wedic   8th grade Math/Honors Algebra 1/Algebra I   815-577-4934
  Teralyn Hall   6th-8th grade PE, Athletic Director   815-577-4995
  Douglas Gardner   6th-8th grade PE   815-577-4996
  Jason Pleshar   6th-8th grade PE/Adaptive PE   815-577-3257
  Jennifer Walter   6th-8th grade PE   815-577-3235
  Lincoln DePaula   6th-8th grade PE   815-577-3423
  Cathy Derwin   6th-8th grade Art   815-577-4998
  Tim Placher   6th-8th grade Choir/Music   815-577-4923
  Annette McCammon   6th-8th grade Band/Music   815-577-4921
  Leah Janik   6th-8th grade STEAM/Computers   815-577-4928
  Sarah Sinovich   6th-8th grade FACS   815-577-3488
  Kelly Martinez   7th-8th grade Spanish/Human Geography/Computers   815-577-3720
  Support Services        
  Deanne Richter   Speech and Lang. Pathologist   815-577-4946
  Carolyn Laird   Speech and Lang. Pathologist   815-577-7143
  Paige Mendenhall   Reading Specialist   815-577-8070
  Anne Park   Reading Specialist   815-577-3387
  Janet Skogsberg   Math Interventionist   815-577-9232
  Miriam Neugebauer   Social Worker   815-577-4966
  Janet Hahn   Social Worker   815-577-8873
  Linda Gonzales   Social Worker   815-577-9828
  Steve Galka   Psychologist   815-577-4969
  Tammy Cook   Hearing Itinerant   815-577-4984
  Lynne Buell   OT   815-577-3646
  Kulovitz, Holly   PT   815-577-9793
  Amy Simpson   Vision   815-577-6100
  Special Education        

Jessica Heft

  Instructional, FBI  


  Erica Gaeta   Instructional, FBI   815-577-3505
  Haley Koziol   Intensive   815-577-9468
  Linda Soriano   7th & 8th Grade Instructional/Resource   815-577-3206
  Natalie Blasing   7th/8th Grade Instructional/Resource   815-577-4947
  Lisa Countryman   8th Grade Instructional/Resource   815-577-4944
  Carol Margeson   6th Grade Instructional/Resource   815-577-4991
  Julie Bishop   7th Grade Instructional/Resource   815-577-4960
  Kathy Kunz   6th/7th/8th Grade Instructional/Resource   815-577-4989
  Shelly Gupta   6th Grade Instructional/Resource   815-577-8188
  Melissa Grevengoed   6th/7th Grade Instructional/Resource/Adaptive PE   815-577-9698
  Kristi Marsh   8th Grade Instructional/Resource   815-577-9674


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