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7th Grade Spanish Materials

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7th Grade Spanish Materials

By the end of 8th Grade Spanish I, you will be able to...

*      Talk about classroom objects, clothes, places in the city, likes/dislikes, family, the future, and ordering food.

*      Ask for/give names

*      Tell time

*      Ask/tell where someone is from

*      State location

*      Ask and answer questions

*      Express Possession

*      Discuss cultures from the USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. 

All of these objectives will be assessed through reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in Spanish.


FEB 23
FEB 23
Practice Workbook 48
All Day
FEB 21- A day due date FEB 24- B day due date
FEB 23
Practice wb 58
All Day
a day due feb 25 b day due feb 26

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