Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Kai Freeman Principal   4911
Kristie Mate Asst. Principal   4910
Catherine Peterson Asst. Principal/Special Ed.   4913
Nicki Eriksen Sec. To the Principal   4917
Tammy Griffin Sec. To the Asst. Principal/Special Ed/Registration   4918
Tammy Ledbetter Office Clerk   4916
Linda Sykora Aramark Lunchroom Supervisor    
Jennifer Lennington

Building Nurse  (SUB nurse, Sharon Lord)

Jean Ksiazak Learning Resource Center Director   4945
Deborah LaGioia Media Clerk   4945
Susan Dziuda ASDA Supervisor   3248
Core Classes     EXT
Erin Ambre 7th grade Math/8th grade SS   4959
Jennifer Belcher 7th grade ELA/8th grade ELA   4951
Regina Cameron 7th grade Science/6th grade Science   4953
Deborah Odegaard-Carpenter 8th grade ELA/Accel ELA/6th grade ELA   4943
Leigh Castle 6th grade Social Studies/8th grade Social Studies   4933
Melissa Graves 6th grade Math/8th grade Science   4950
Laura Hefka 7th grade ELA/Accel ELA/8th grade ELA   4954
Katie Holloway 6th grade Science/7th grade Social Studies   4981
Emily Huntzinger 7th grade ELA   4958
Megan Jaicomo 7th grade Social Studies   4955
Cindy Johnson 6th grade Science/8th grade Science   4982
Heather Joy 6th grade Math/7th grade Math   4976
Eric Kelly 7th grade Social Studies/ 8th grade Social Studies   4938
Kathy Kunz 6th Grade Social Studies/7th grade Social Studies   4989
Jenna Loats 6th grade Math/8th grade Social Studies   4977
Sue Phillips 6th grade Social Studies/8th grade Math   4940
Pamela Harris-Porn 6th grade Social Studies/8th grade Social Studies   4985
Patty Potocki 7th grade Math/Accel Math   4956
Janine Raspolich 6th grade ELA/Accel ELA/6th grade Human Geography   4920
Ali Schwieger 7th grade ELA   7335
Amber Simonic 7th grade Science/8th grade Science   4937
Jeanice Stephens 6th grade ELA/8th grade Social Studies   4990
Rebecca Vant 6th grade Social Studies/7th grade Science   3370
Jennifer Wedic 8th grade Math/Honors Algebra 1/8th grade Communications   4934
Teralyn Hall 6th-8th grade PE, Athletic Director   4995
Douglas Gardner 6th-8th grade PE   4996
Jason Pleshar 6th-8th grade PE/Adaptive PE   3257
Jennifer Walter 6th-8th grade PE   3235
Lincoln DePaula 6th-8th grade PE   3423
Cathy Derwin 6th-8th grade Art   4998
Tim Placher 6th-8th grade Choir/8th grade Music/7th grade Public Speaking   4923
Annette McCammon 6th-8th grade Band/7th grade Music   4921
Megan Vallandingham 6th-8th grade Family & Consumer Science   3459
Leah Janik 6th-8th grade STEAM/Computers   4928
Kelly Martinez 7th-8th grade Spanish/6th grade Human Geography   3720
Support Services               



Deanne Richter Speech and Lang. Pathologist   4946
Paige Podbelsek Mendenhall Reading Interventionist   8070
Anne Park Reading Specialist   3387
Shelly Gupta Math Interventionist   8188
Denise Boyda Reading Interventionist   7255
Mendy Blake Social Worker   6589
Miriam Neugebauer Social Worker   4966
Steve Galka Psychologist   4969
Tammy Cook Hearing Itinerant   4984
Lynne Buell OT   3646
Amy Simpson Vision   6100

Special Education


Jessica Heft Instructional, FBI   4932
Erica Gaeta Instructional, FBI   3505
Linda Soriano 6th/7th/8th Grade Instructional/Resource   3206
Natalie Blasing 7th/8th Grade Instructional/Resource   4947
Lisa Countryman 8th Grade Instructional/Resource   4944
Carol Margeson 6th Grade Instructional/Resource   4991
Julie Bishop 6th/7th Grade Instructional/Resource   4960